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PeoplePulse is Australian-built online survey software used by organisations to collect and report on staff and customer feedback.

Why use PeoplePulse?

Organisations that 'get' the power of collecting timely and actionable feedback will appreciate and value and power of the PeoplePulse tool. Our primary focus lies in helping decision makers who are serious about collecting and acting on feedback and ideas from their staff and customers, ideas that will ultimately help to improve and grow their organisation.


Developed and hosted in Australia, PeoplePulse™ has been at the forefront of the online survey software market since 2003. Today the company has launched staff and customer surveys for over 1,000 organisations of all sizes across Australia, New Zealand, and beyond.

Our clients range in size from large Government Departments (such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Department of Immigration, and the Department of Human Services), to publically listed corporations (such as BHP, Westpac, Vodafone, and Seek), to a huge array of small to medium sized businesses from 3 to 300 staff representing any sector from retail to mining.

Empowering Better Business Decisions

The common bond of our client base is their genuine desire to listen to their staff and customers and make positive change and improvements as a result. In short, PeoplePulse is used to empower our clients to make better quality business decisions.

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We’ve project managed more than 2,800 separate survey projects; and collected more than 2.4 million survey responses for our clients.
Common surveys that we run include:
  • Staff Satisfaction / Engagement Surveys

  • Staff Exit Surveys

  • Staff Onboarding Surveys

  • Staff Pulse Surveys

  • Training Needs / Post Training Surveys

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

  • Customer Win-back / Lapsed Customer Surveys

  • Post Event Feedback

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Visit the site ...

Visit our PeoplePulse Website to find out more and arrange a demonstration to see how we can assist your business:

Act On Data, Not Intuition


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