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The Harvard Business Review has shown that if you give good service and then immediately take the opportunity of asking for a referral, more than 50% of people will recommend you to other prospects. A very impressive figure compared to the 5% of referrals it is estimated you receive when give good service but do not ask for a referral.

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Did You Know? ....

  • 80% of businesses feel they deliver a "superior experience" to customers. Yet according to customers only 8% of companies deliver a superior experience.' - Bain & Company survey

  • A typical consumer switched businesses they dealt with twice in the past three years due to "bad service." - Coldwell Banker study

  • Repeat customers spend 33% more than new customers -

26. Online Candidate Marketing - Beyond Mainstream Job Boards

Introduction: Beyond, where else do candidates (the good ones!) visit online? And more importantly, how can I capture their interest? Over the last two years the frequency at which I have been asked this question has increased ...

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25. Practical Ideas to Build Your Brand

Introduction: The key to branding success is to stand for something relevant, valuable and unique to your target market. The trouble is, in a cluttered marketplace with over 3,000 competing recruitment agencies, the task of standing out from the crowd can be a daunting prospect...

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24. Why Recruiters are Worth What They Charge

Introduction: "When I need a heart by-pass, rest assured that I won't select my surgeon on the basis of what he charges."
That's what an ailing executive recently opined when he was informed by his doctor about his arterial blockage problems.
Why then are corporate executives so tight-fisted when dealing with what is so commonly thought of as the "heartbeat" of their companies . . . top-talent?

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23. A Smart Way To Gain Candidate Referrals

Introduction: As all successfulexecutives know, new business leads gained through referrals is good business to chase! Indeed customer loyalty guru, Frederick F Reicheld, wrote in his influential book 'The Loyalty Effect' that closing rates for referral prospects are significantly higher than closing rates for 'walk-in' customers who have no prior knowledge of your organisation ...

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22. Customer Feedback - The Customer Complaint Iceberg

Introduction: Stop! Before you dismiss last week's customer complaint as unimportant, consider this: research by US firm TARP shows that for every 26 unhappy customers, only one will lodge a formal complaint with Management. The real concern, however, comes from the finding that an average of 1,560 people will hear about at least one of these unhappy customers' experiences.

Read full article regarding - customer feedback.

21. Recruitment Database Systems - The Players

Introduction: During the course of my marketing consulting work I am occasionally asked by clients who the major recruitment system vendors are in the Australian and New Zealand market. So, to help you in your endeavors to research your new recruitment system I have compiled the following list and vendor website links...

Read full - recruitment database systems directory

20. Measuring Recruitment Marketing Success - Part Two

Introduction: In the first article of this series, we discussed why you should measure the results of your marketing efforts and what information you should be looking to measure. In the second and final article in this series, we discuss how you should go about implementing an effective marketing measurement system.

Read full article - Measuring Recruitment Marketing Success

19. Publicity … How To Get Your Press Release Published - Part Two

Introduction: Following on from the first article in our PR series, this article explains the "do's and don'ts" of media release writing. If you want to increase the chances that your media release will be published, this article is for you.

Read full article - How To Get Your Press Release Published

18. Optimising Tradeshow Success

Introduction: Use the 11 tips contained in this article to get more value from your next tradeshow appearance.

Read full article - Optimising Tradeshow Success

17. Measuring Recruitment Marketing Success

Introduction: One of the biggest failings in the marketing efforts of recruitment agencies is that most neglect to accurately measure the results of their marketing activities. The reason for this failure varies. Some agencies aren't sure how or what to measure, some believe they don't have the resources or know-how to measure, and others appear to believe that recruitment marketing activities can't be measured.

Read full article - Measuring Recruitment Marketing Success

16. Publicity … How To Tickle The Media's Fancy

Introduction: "Today's brands are born with publicity, not advertising. A closer look at the history of many major brands shows this to be true. In fact an astonishing number of brands, including the Body Shop, Starbucks, Wal-Mart, Beanie Babies, Oracle and Yahoo!, have been built with virtually no advertising." - - Al Ries, 'The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR'.

Read full article - Publicity … How To Tickle The Media's Fancy

15. Book Review - Simplicity Marketing - End Brand Complexity, Clutter, and Confusion.

Introduction: "…. in the most developed economies of the twenty-first century, the next generation of positioning success will belong to those brands that relieve customer stress. That means simplifying customers' lives or business in ways that are inextricably tied to brand and product positioning. It means becoming the customer's partner in stress release." - - Page 2, Simplicity Marketing

Read full article - Simplicity Marketing End Brand Complexity Clutter and Confusion

14. Customer Feedback Series - Customer Intimacy Yields Better Marketing Results

Introduction: You probably know a vast amount about your customer base already but there may be a lot more valuable information about your customers sitting right under your nose. In this article we discuss where to find it and how you can use it to fine tune your marketing campaigns.

Read full Customer Feedback article

13. Recruitment Websites, Part Three - Build it … and they DON'T Come!

Introduction: In the final article of this three part series about recruitment agency website mistakes, we examine the biggest website promotion mistakes and discuss effective site promotion strategies that won't 'break the bank'.

Read full article - Recruitment Websites Part Three

12. The A-to-Z of Client Gift Ideas

Introduction: Stuck for inspiration on what to buy your client this Christmas? We've compiled an A-to-Z list of client gift ideas to suit a range of tastes and budgets.

Read full article - The A to Z of Client Gift Ideas

11. Recruitment Branding 101

Introduction: Russel Hanlin, CEO of Sunkist, once commented "An orange is an orange is an orange … unless that orange happens to be a Sunkist, a name that 80% of consumers know and trust". How many Australian recruitment agencies can lay claim to owning a strong brand that is recognised, trusted and differentiated from competitors? The answer is very few ...

Read full article - Recruitment Branding 101

10. Flying By The Seat Of Your Pants? The Case For Developing A Marketing Plan

Introduction: Does this sound familiar? There's growing pressure to reduce costs and the large pool of money attributed to the marketing and advertising budget looks an inviting target for some 'selective pruning'. After all, who can really tell what last year's spend resulted in anyway? ...

Read full article - Flying By The Seat Of Your Pants The Case For Developing A Marketing Plan

9. Recruitment Websites - The 'Must Have' Functionality That Many Don't

Introduction: If your site isn't able to perform the most essential of job seeker functions, chances are it will be overlooked in favour of your competitors' sites that do. The good news is that offering 'must have' functionality doesn't have to be expensive ...

Read full Article - Recruitment Websites The Must Have Functionality That Many Don't

8. No More Pens, Please!

Introduction: Consider the impression you leave with a client who spends $130,000 a year with you by handing them a bulk purchased $1.50 pen to thank them for their business. Insulted? With good cause.

Read full article - No More Pens, Please!

7. Dancing the Tagline Tango

Introduction: A powerful brand is made up of much more than just your name and logo; your tagline plays an important role too. A tagline consists of a few short words that communicate to your audience what your company does and how you're different from competitors.

Read full article - Dancing the Tagline Tango

6. Recruitment Websites - How to Keep Your Content from Crashing

Introduction: In part one of this three part series about the most common recruitment agency website mistakes, we take a look at some of the problems that can occur with website content and we provide a number of practical measures you can take to avoid them.

Read full article - Recruitment Websites - How to Keep Your Content from Crashing

5. Client Newsletters - You've Sown the Seeds … Now Reap the Rewards!

Introduction: Research by Harvard Business School shows that the probability of selling services to a prospective customer is 1 in 16, while the probability of selling services to a current customer is 1 in 2. Yet, despite statistics such as this, many agencies continue to spend a disproportionate amount of time on new business development, sometimes at the expense of servicing existing clients.

Read full article - Client Newsletters - You've Sown the Seeds … Now Reap the Rewards!

4. Practical Ideas For Improving Your Recruitment Web Site

Introduction: Listed below are seven ideas to help attract more people to your agency's web site, build candidate loyalty to your brand, increase job application rates, and generally help to improve the user's online experience...

Read full article - Practical Ideas For Improving Your Recruitment Web Site

3. Three Tips For Writing Better Online Job Ads

Introduction: Writing a job advert to appear in print media and an advert to appear on an Internet job board are quite different propositions. Yet all too often, consultants cut and paste their print ads to appear online and then complain about the high number of low quality responses they receive online. Here are three tips taken from Quinntessential's 'Optimising Online Recruitment Advertising' workshop to help consultants improve the quality of online ad response:

Read full article - Three Tips For Writing Better Online Job Ads

2. Seven Tactics To Help Keep Your Brand Top Of Mind

Introduction: Knowing your point of difference is one thing, however effectively promoting it to your target market is just as crucial. The following tactics can be used to help keep your recruitment brand at the forefront of your clients and candidates' minds …

Read full article - Seven Tactics To Help Keep Your Brand Top Of Mind

1. The Case For Investing In Your Recruitment Brand

Introduction: Want to attract more clients and candidates to your agency? Then start focusing on building your brand. Your recruitment brand has a powerful influence over the decision making process of both your clients and candidates. In effect, your brand acts to "pre sell" your products and services to your target market …..

Read full article - The Case For Investing In Your Recruitment Brand


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